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 CoD: BO Scans - OXM Article

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PostSubject: CoD: BO Scans - OXM Article   Fri May 21, 2010 10:31 pm

These are from the Official Xbox Magazine that was released a few days ago. They reveal some info about the game. I'll note some info from the picture.

Scan #1
-Mac 10 submachine gun

Scan #2
"We've taken some creative risks," Lamia confides. "We want to do something different than we've done before. It's time."

"We want the game to speak for itself," Lamia says repeatedly.

"Without mincing words, this is guaranteed to be one of this year's very biggest, and best, Xbox offerings." OXM

- We'll be fighting the North Vietnamese Army in certain missions.
- You're an off-the-grid, best-of-the-best badass with a more important secret agenda.

Scan #3
- Spas-12 confirmed with Dragon's Breath incendiary rounds

"You're not just relegated to mini-gun man who holds down the trigger and nudges the aiming reticle around the screen. For once, you're flying the helicopter. And firing the missiles. And the mini-guns. That's a lot better, eh?" OXM

"The start of "WMD" sees you climbing into iconic Cold War spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird. You take off, the screen fades out and you're then providing recon from space to the troops down below." OXM

Scan #4
"As you pick your way through the Huong River, you have to get past the huts and villages built upon the water. This means diving and swimming through the murky river with only your knife for company." OXM

"So we're stretching the rules a bit, but you have to see it in action. With a vertigo-inducing viewpoint and each crash back into the cliffside felt with a bone-jarring thud, it'll make you feel queasy." OXM

Scan #5
- Vehicles will return, but "not in the way you remember them from WaW".

- There will be "dedicated co-op" with separate levels. Treyarch changed the subject when we asked about World at War's hugely popular Nazi Zombies.

- A multiplayer beta's being "considered", Lamia told us with a literal wink.

- Treyarch will be improving mulitplayer by taking on feedback - even going so far as to openly acknowledge the under-the-map glitches that initially plagued World at War.

- Changes are being made to the matchmaking to "make it easier for [players] to get into games with their friends."

- Multiplayer was up and running so early that some campaign levels were actually built from multiplayer maps.

- Create-a-Class 2.0 will allow you to customise yourself like never before. This should include kit and appearance items as well as perks.

Scan #6
"Payback - This sees you clearing out a helicopter crew before jumping into the helicopter, take off and...you're controlling it! It would be easy to slide into cynical gamer mode and expect to be relegated to mini-gun duty, but by god, you're actually controlling the helicopter." OXM

"The evolution Treyarch has undergone between World at War and Black Ops feels very familiar. In fact, we don't have to look far to figure it out. We saw this exact kind of "oh-ha!" corner-turning in game design and execution from this very franchise back when Infinity Ward leapt from A-list to the AAA-list between CoD2 and the first Modern Warfare.

"We're all-in on this," affirms Lamia, noting that for a studio who previously had three games in development at once, their entire 200-plus roster is now focused on Black Ops." OXM

As you can see from the excitement in this article, Call of Duty: Black Ops definitely looks to be impressing the industry. Judging by the comparison to the leap from CoD2 to Modern Warfare, it looks like we've got something great in store for us, something that we have yet to see from the Call of Duty franchise.

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PostSubject: Re: CoD: BO Scans - OXM Article   Sat May 22, 2010 9:01 pm

Oh hell yeah now Im starting to like this game.
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CoD: BO Scans - OXM Article
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